Bespoke Hydraulic Cylinders

JW HYDRAULIC specializes in the manufacture of non-standard bespoke hydraulic cylinders, which can be customized according to drawings and samples, or you can call for consultation. We will select and draw for you (two-dimensional drawing or three-dimensional drawing of CAD).

The classification of hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic cylinders can be divided into:

  • Low pressure hydraulic cylinder: 5 MPa – 16 MPa.
  • Medium pressure hydraulic cylinder: 21 MPa – 27 MPa.
  • High pressure hydraulic cylinder: 30 MPa – 70 MPa.

The selection and design.

The selection of custom made hydraulic cylinders must have the following basic information:

  1. The bore diameter of hydraulic cylinder.
  2. Piston rod diameter of hydraulic cylinder.
  3. Piston stroke of hydraulic cylinder.
  4. Working pressure of hydraulic cylinder.
  5. Installation method of hydraulic cylinder.
hydraulic cylinder breakdown

The size details of the hydraulic cylinders that we can manufacture are as follows:

  • Bore diameter: 40mm – 1200mm.
  • Piston rod diameter: 12mm – 1000mm.
  • Stroke: maximum 15000mm.
  • Operating pressure: 5 MPa – 70 MPa.
  • Installation methods: earring mounted, flange type mounted, trunnion mounted, tie rod type, foot mounted, etc.

Attention points for the selection and design.

In addition to the above basic information, the selection of custom built hydraulic cylinders also requires the following two points of attention:

  1. When the speed of the hydraulic cylinder under load reaches a certain standard or higher, a hydraulic cylinder with a buffer device must be selected. Or when reaching higher speeds, a deceleration valve must be installed outside the hydraulic cylinder.
  2. Carefully select hydraulic oil andseal. Different hydraulic oils are suitable forseals of different materials to ensure the service life of the hydraulic cylinder.

Raw material selection.

We attaches great importance to the raw material selection of hydraulic cylinders. Not only comply with national and international standards and specifications, but also strictly controls the processing technology of hydraulic cylinders. For example, the dimensional tolerances and geometric tolerances of hydraulic cylinder components or parts are strictly required based on accumulated years of R&D technology and experience. Therefore, the hydraulic cylinders produced by us have the advantages of low friction, long service life and no leakage, etc. 

The hydraulic cylinder tube used is carbon steel or stainless steel as per customers’ requirements. After seamless cold drawing, the inner of the cylinder tube is processed by high-precision boring and honing machine, the inner diameter tolerance is normally H8, and the surface roughness is maximum 0.4μm.

The piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is made of carbon steel or stainless steel for mechanical structure as well. After the outer diameter is ground, polished and hard chrome plated, its tolerance is generally f7, the surface hardness is minimum HV800, the surface roughness is maximum 0.2μm, and the thickness of chrome plating is minimum 30μm.

In addition, it can also be processed according to customer requirements, such as quenching and tempering, induction hardened, nickel plating, ceramic plating, etc.  

Processing technology.

The oil seal of the bespoke hydraulic cylinders adopts imported high-grade refined products, which are oil-resistant, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant. Commonly used are HALLITE, MERKEL, PARKER, TRELLEBORG, DZ and so on. All hydraulic cylinder component parts are finished by CNC machining center, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines and other precision machining. The dimensional tolerances conform to national and international standards, with good interchangeability and long service life, which is conducive to regular maintenance and repair of hydraulic cylinders.

Inspection and testing of bespoke hydraulic cylinders.

We have a CNC hydraulic cylinder test bench system, which is specially used for the inspection and testing of the manufactured hydraulic cylinders. The general inspection items are:

  • Hydraulic cylinder trial operation.
  • Hydraulic cylinder starting pressure test.
  • Hydraulic cylinder low pressure test.
  • Hydraulic cylinder high pressure test.
  • Hydraulic cylinder leakage test.
  • Hydraulic cylinder buffer test.
  • Hydraulic cylinder effective stroke test.

We are dedicated to providing you with safe, reliable, efficient and high-quality bespoke hydraulic cylinders. You are highly welcome to call or email us for a quote! 

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