hydraulic cylinder barrels

Manufacturing Processes Of A Hydraulic Cylinder Barrel

The hydraulic cylinder is a device that uses liquid pressure to transmit power and control in the hydraulic system. It is mainly composed of a hydraulic cylinder barrel, a piston rod, a piston, and sealing, etc. Among these parts of the hydraulic cylinder, the cylinder barrel is the most complicated

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double acting cylinder

What are Single Acting and Double Acting Cylinder

In one of the previous articles “Type of Hydraulic Cylinders”, we have mentioned that according to the action of hydraulic pressure, we divide hydraulic cylinders into single acting and double acting cylinder. To make it detailedly, we’ll elaborate on their definitions and differences. Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder A single acting

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3-stage telescopic hydraulic cylinder

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder Working Principle

What is telescopic hydraulic cylinder Telescopic hydraulic cylinder, we also call it as multi stage hydraulic cylinder or combined hydraulic cylinder. It is a kind of special hydraulic cylinder with a wide range of applications. According to the number of telescopic stages, it can be divided into 2, 3, 4,

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iron ore

Iron Ore Jumped 10% to Hit a Record of 226 US Dollars

Chinese buyers are working hard! Iron ore jumped 10% to hit a record of 226 US dollars, demand only increased. At the opening of the market on Monday, iron ore futures prices rose sharply, continuing a record increase due to strong demand in China, and as the global economy recovers,

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small hydraulic cylinders

Types of Hydraulic Cylinders

There are various hydraulic cylinders types, and many classification methods. According to the motion mode, they can be divided into linear reciprocating motion and rotary swinging. According to the action of hydraulic pressure, it can be divided into single-acting type and double-acting type. According to the structure, it can be

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