Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders

What is a Hydraulic Cylinder

A hydraulic cylinder is an executive element in the hydraulic transmission system. It is an energy conversion device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. The hydraulic motor realizes the continuous rotary movement, while the hydraulic cylinder realizes the reciprocating movement.  It has a simple structure and reliable work. When it

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hydraulic lifting cylinder

Design Parameters of Hydraulic Cylinder

Main Parameters When Design Hydraulic Cylinder When design hydraulic cylinder, there are many factors we need to consider, they are mainly as follow: Cylinder outer diameter, bore diameter. Size of inlet and outlet, as well as thread parameters. Piston rod diameter. Testing pressure and working pressure of the cylinder. Stroke.

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Hydraulic Cylinder Company Participates in PTC ASIA EXHIBITION

JW HYDRAULIC, as a hydraulic cylinder company who participates the annual PTC ASIA EXHIBITION each year. The main displayed products are as follows: Hydraulic Cylinders Actuators Honed Tubes Chrome Plated Rods PTC ASIA EXHIBITION hydraulic cylinder company hydraulic cylinder company JW HYDRAULIC participates in the PTC Asia Exhibition honed tube

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