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Employees are the foundation of an enterprise. We are people-oriented and eager for talents, deeply understand that employees are the most precious wealth of an enterprise. The development of an enterprise directly depends on people. As the main body of business operations, people have the initiative to deploy various resources, implement various systems and use various methods. Therefore, we strive to meet the needs of employees’ salary and self-growth, continuously improve employee satisfaction, and create a good organizational atmosphere, so that employees and the company can breathe, share a destiny, and grow together.

We respect employees and pursue excellence. This is the goal we continue to pursue, and we will insist on clearly passing this value orientation to every employee. “Being a leader in the industry” should become the consensus of all employees and the goal of our unremitting efforts.

Our View of Talent

Employees' actual work performance and development potential are equally important. Only those employees with outstanding performance, continuous improvement of ability, unity and cooperation, good communication and consideration of the overall situation are outstanding talents of JW.
No doubt about employing people, reasonable authorization, full use of talents, encourage more achievements, do not ask for full blame, allow mistakes, but not allow the same mistakes. Respect talents, but do not accommodate talents. Any talent must accept organizational management and system constraints.
Combining the development strategy, develop the employees in a planned way, improve their basic qualities, business skills, and management level, open multiple promotion channels, create equal development opportunities, and encourage employees to develop through their own efforts.
Actively expand the career development space of employees, protect and improve the economic interests of employees, not only to retain people with remuneration, but also to rely on bright development prospects, career pursuits and harmonious relationships to retain people.

Spirit of JW GROUP

Cooperation, Respect, Quality, Innovation

Cooperation: JW's career needs to be completed by people with different professions, different experiences and different skills. The team spirit of cooperation must be emphasized. We clearly oppose individualism and gangism.
Respect: JW advocates mutual trust and respect among employees, must be able to tolerate different work fields, professional backgrounds and experiences, and clearly oppose the distrust and disrespect between managers and managed persons, managers and technical personnel.
Quality: JW adheres to the spirit of quality first and the work attitude of striving for perfection, and strictly implements various rules and regulations of the company to ensure that high-quality products and high-quality services meet customer needs.
Innovation: In the fierce market competition, only continuous change and innovation can obtain the driving force for sustainable development. JW must carry out all-round innovation in technology, products, services and management to continuously form and improve its core capabilities.