Hydraulic Cylinder Maintenance

As we all know, all equipment can only prolong its service life if it is properly maintained. The hydraulic cylinder should pay attention to maintenance when in application because it has to withstand much pressure. The heavier the load, the greater the pressure. Therefore, doing an excellent job in hydraulic cylinder maintenance is the most crucial part of the entire hydraulic system maintenance.

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The critical points for daily maintenance of hydraulic cylinders

  1. If the hydraulic cylinder has been applicating for a long time, it is inevitable that foreign matter will enter the hydraulic cylinder so that friction will increase during use. Therefore, we should replace the hydraulic oil and clean the system filter regularly to ensure cleanliness and prolong service life. In addition, hydraulic oil also has a service life. It will damage or corrode the hydraulic cylinder if not changed for a long time.
  2. Frequently check the connecting parts, such as threads and bolts, and fasten them immediately if they loosen.
  3. Protect the outer surface of the piston rod to prevent damage to the seals from bumps and scratches. Frequently clean the wiper of the hydraulic cylinder and the sand on the exposed piston rod to prevent the difficult-to-clean dirt stuck on the surface of the piston rod from entering the interior of the hydraulic cylinder and damaging the piston rod, cylinder barrel, or seal kits.
  4. Control the temperature of the hydraulic system well. If the oil temperature is too high, it will shorten the service life of the seals, and they will be deformed or even fail.
  5. Every time the hydraulic cylinder is applied, it must be fully extended and fully retracted for 5 test runs and then run with load. Doing so can exhaust the air in the system and preheat each system, which can effectively prevent the air or water in the system from forming a gas explosion or scorching the cylinder, which will damage the seals and cause internal leakage and other failures.
  6. Always lubricate the connecting parts to avoid corrosion or abnormal wear when the hydraulic cylinder is oil-free. The hydraulic cylinder piston part will naturally erode by oxides and acid gases when it extends out of the cylinder in the working state. It requires us to apply an appropriate amount of grease to protect it to prevent the piston rod as a load-bearing part from being corroded and snapping in the application.
  7. The control speed should be appropriate in the operation of the hydraulic cylinder. In addition, considering equipment maintenance and safety, the internal installation of buffer devices is also very effective for hydraulic cylinder maintenance.

Hydraulic cylinder maintenance and repair services

JW HYDRAULIC is a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer and supplies custom manufacturing, maintenance, and repair services, including inspection, refurbishing, rebuilding, redesigning, retrofitting, upgrading, teardown, evaluation, modification, lubrication, assembly, testing, and other services.

If you have requirements for hydraulic cylinder maintenance or you get troubles with damaged hydraulic cylinders and components, don’t worry because you only need to pack them properly and leave all other matters to us, like transportation, inspection, maintenance, et cetera. We promise to repair and ship it to you within the agreed time frame.

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