Hydraulic Cylinder Mounting Types

The hydraulic cylinder mounting types refer to the connection method between the hydraulic cylinder and the equipment. It plays an important role in the performance of the hydraulic cylinder, and we can choose the appropriate mounting method according to the working conditions.

The following we listed five main hydraulic cylinder mounting types.

Flange Mounted Hydraulic Cylinders.

Flanges are used for parts that pipes are connected to each other. The flange has holes for bolts to pass through. There are rectangular flanges, square flanges, round flanges and other types. Flange mounting is suitable for the occasion of transmitting linear force, and the advantage is that it is very strong.

According to the position of the flange, there are head flange, intermediate flange and cap flange.

  • The head flange is arranged at the end of the hydraulic cylinder, and is fastened with bolts to the mechanical installation surface. When the hydraulic cylinder is working, the force on the mounting bolts is not large, and it is mainly supported by the mounting support surface. The diameter of the flange is small and the structure is relatively compact. This mounting method is widely used in fixed installation forms.
  • The intermediate flange is arranged at the middle position of the hydraulic cylinder.
  • The cap flange is arranged at the bottom of the hydraulic cylinder, and is fastened with bolts to the mechanical installation surface. This installation form makes the hydraulic cylinder overhang, the mounting length is relatively long, and the stability is not quite good.

Foot Mounted or Lug Mounted Hydraulic Cylinders.

The foot or lug is a part of the hydraulic support, which is in direct contact with the bottom plate and transmits the support force of the support to the bottom plate.

The foot mounted or lug mounted hydraulic cylinder fastens the front and rear ends of the hydraulic cylinder to the lug, and there are left and right lug types and front and rear lug types. The left and right lug mounting type is to place the lug on the left and right sides of the hydraulic cylinder, perpendicular to the axis of the piston rod.

For the front and rear lug mounted hydraulic cylinder, the lug is placed in front of the end cover and bottom of the hydraulic cylinder, which is consistent with the axis direction of the piston rod.

Earring Mounted and Clevis Mounted Hydraulic Cylinders.

The difference between the earring connection type hydraulic cylinder and the ordinary hydraulic cylinder is that the pin shaft of the earring is used as the fulcrum and the swing center, and the hydraulic cylinder can swing in a plane perpendicular to the pin shaft while doing reciprocating linear motion. It is easy to install and disassemble, easy to use, easy to process and realize the use of various equipment, so the earring connection method is one of the most common methods.

Trunnion Mounted Hydraulic Cylinders.

trunnion mounted hydraulic cylinder

There are three connection methods: front trunnion mounting, middle trunnion mounting and rear trunnion mounting. Usually, the front trunnion mounting and the middle trunnion mounting are mostly used.

  • When the front trunnion is assembled, the service stroke reaches the maximum value due to the small supporting length. However, when installed horizontally, there is a large trunnion support force.
  • When the middle trunnion is assembled, in the horizontal installation, there is a more favorable trunnion support force for the center of gravity load.
  • When the rear trunnion is assembled, the bending stability of the piston rod is affected due to the large supporting length. Therefore, the stroke is the shortest. In addition, when installed horizontally, there is a large trunnion support force, so it is only used for the installation of small hydraulic cylinders.

Swivel Ball End Mounted Hydraulic Cylinders.

Connect the swivel ball end of the hydraulic cylinder with the ball seat on the machine so that the hydraulic cylinder can swing freely within a certain space.

The ball end mounted hydraulic cylinder has a large degree of freedom, but its stability is not quite good.

Hydraulic Cylinder Rod End Mounting Types.

The installation methods of the cylinder end cap and rod end can be selected and combined for application, and multiple hydraulic cylinders equipped with one machine can choose different mounting methods according to the installation space.

The following listed different mounting types of hydraulic cylinder piston rod end.

hydraulic cylinder rod end mounting types

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