hydraulic cylinder manufacturer

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

Application Fields

JW HYDRAULIC specializes in designing and manufacturing different types of hydraulic cylinders applicated to various fields, such as marine and offshore, water engineering, metallurgy, mining, wind power, construction machinery, environmental protection machinery, vehicles, machine tools, agricultural machinery, and so on.

Bore diameter is from 40mm to 1200mm. Rod diameter is from 12mm to 1000mm. Stroke is up 15000mm. Max working pressure is 700 bar.

Inspection Certificates include DNV, ABS, Lloyds, BV, GL, and CCS, etc.

marine and offshore hydraulic cylinders

Marine and offshore

  • Ship steering system hydraulic cylinder.
  • Hatch cover hydraulic cylinder.
  • Dredger hydraulic cylinder.
  • Barge hydraulic cylinder.
  • Marine and offshore crane hydraulic cylinder, etc.
hydraulic cylinders for water conservancy

Water Conservancy / Water Engineering

  • Hydraulic hoist cylinder for hydraulic flap dam.
  • Hydraulic hoist cylinder for hydraulic steel dam.
  • Hydraulic hoist cylinder for hydraulic flap dam.
  • Reservoir hydraulic cylinder.
  • Ship lock hydraulic hoist cylinder, etc.
metallurgy hydraulic cylinders

Metallurgy Industry

  • Hydraulic cylinders for steel smelting, hot rolling, cold rolling, rail beam, pickling, electroplating, cooling bed, etc.
  • Hydraulic cylinders for non-ferrous metal smelting, casting and rolling mills, cold rolling mills, stretching machine, etc.
  • Hydraulic cylinders for casting production lines.
  • Mill loading hydraulic cylinders that serve metal slag, pulverized coal and other mills.
mining hydraulic cylinder

Mining Industry

  • Mining machinery hydraulic cylinder.
  • Lifting machinery hydraulic cylinder.
  • Crushing and grinding equipment hydraulic cylinder.
  • Screening equipment hydraulic cylinder.
  • Washing equipment hydraulic cylinder, etc.
wind power hydraulic cylinders

Wind Power

With the rapid development of the global economy and serious energy consumption, the utilization of new energy has become the main direction of future development. Wind turbines have high requirements on the power system and regulation system in the process of power generation, while the hydraulic system has the advantages of small size, lightweight, flexible control, high precision, etc., which meets the special requirements and plays an important role in the wind energy industry. 

hydraulic cylinders for construction machinery

Construction Machinery

  • Excavator hydraulic cylinder.
  • Crane hydraulic cylinder.
  • Loader hydraulic cylinder.
  • Dozer hydraulic cylinder.
  • Road roller hydraulic cylinder.
  • Rotary drilling rig hydraulic cylinder.
  • Asphalt paver hydraulic cylinder, etc.
hydraulic cylinder for garbage compactor truck

Environmental Protection Machinery

  • Hydraulic cylinder for seawater desalination and atomization device.
  • Hydraulic cylinder for solid domestic waste incineration power generation pushing device.
  • Hydraulic cylinder for stationary garbage compression station.
  • Hydraulic cylinder for garbage compactor truck.
hydraulic cylinders for dump trucks


  • Dump truck hydraulic cylinder.
  • Garbage truck hydraulic cylinder.
  • Trailer tipper hydraulic cylinder.
  • Transport trailer hydraulic cylinder.
  • Street sweeper hydraulic cylinder.
  • Wrecker hydraulic cylinder, etc.
hydraulic cylinders for machine tool

Machine Tool

  • All-steel, semi-steel, bladder tire vulcanizer supporting hydraulic cylinder.
  • Bending machine hydraulic cylinder.
  • Hydraulic press cylinder.
  • Chemical fiber baler hydraulic cylinder.
  • Sheet uncoiler hydraulic cylinder.
hydraulic cylinders for agricultural machinery

Agricultural Machinery

  • Rice harvester hydraulic cylinder.
  • Wheat harvester hydraulic cylinder.
  • Sugar cane harvester hydraulic cylinder.
  • Corn harvester hydraulic cylinder.
  • Farm tractor hydraulic cylinder.
  • Rotary cultivator hydraulic cylinder.
  • Automated bale trailer hydraulic cylinder, etc.