Performance Requirements Of Hydraulic Oil For Hydraulic Cylinders

In the transmission operation of the hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic oil is both the medium and the lubricant for the hydraulic cylinder to transmit power, and it plays a sealing role among the components of the hydraulic cylinder. Therefore, in order to ensure the reliability, effectiveness and economy of the hydraulic cylinder system, the hydraulic oil selected for the hydraulic cylinder must ensure the following performance requirements.

Proper viscosity

The viscosity of the hydraulic oil should be considered in the process of selecting hydraulic oil for the hydraulic cylinder, which will affect the intermolecular frictional resistance during flow. When the viscosity is too high, the flow resistance and energy loss increase, which will drastically reduce the efficiency of the system. When the viscosity of the hydraulic oil is too small, the lubrication degree of the hydraulic cylinder components cannot be ensured, thereby aggravating the wear of the components and the low efficiency of the hydraulic cylinder system.

Good viscosity-temperature characteristics

Consider the viscosity-temperature characteristics of hydraulic fluids when selecting hydraulic fluids for durable hydraulic cylinders, as fluid viscosity varies with temperature. For example, the viscosity of the oil in the hydraulic cylinder system will decrease as the temperature increases, so that the internal leakage of the hydraulic system will not be too large. Therefore, the viscosity-temperature characteristics of hydraulic oil are extremely critical in the operation of hydraulic cylinders.

Good anti-wear and lubricity

In the process of selecting hydraulic oil, the anti-wear and lubricity of the oil should also be considered. The lubricity of hydraulic oil can reduce mechanical friction, and the equipment system can ensure sufficient oil film strength under different pressure and speed conditions. In addition, the quality and purity of the hydraulic oil should also be considered to minimize the content of mechanical impurities and dust, so as to avoid affecting the performance of the hydraulic cylinder.

In addition to the above performance requirements, the user also needs to consider the rust-proof performance of the medium in the process of selecting the oil for the hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic oil mainly covers the surface of the parts of the hydraulic cylinder to prevent it from being oxidized and rusted. Therefore, the anti-rust performance of hydraulic oil is extremely important.

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