air actuator

Air Actuator

  • If a drawing of the actuator is available, please email us for a quote.
  • If drawing is not available, please contact us to request the model list.
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Air Actuator

It is very simple to install and maintain due to the modular design.

1. Spring module.

  • The design structure of the sealing electrode enhances the safety of the operator.
  • The epoxy coating provides continuous corrosion protection for the prestressed spring.
  • The steel spring seat is completely isolated from the external environment.
  • A hydraulic module can be added inside to provide a variety of control methods.

2. Hydraulic or pneumatic module.

  • The overall cylinder design makes the cylinder very safe under high pressure.
  • The inner surface of the cylinder is coated with a special coating, which can be self-lubricating, thereby reducing wear.
  • The high-quality sealing ring ensures that the pressure is not easy to wear at the same time.

3. Drive or body module.

  • The high-strength steel structure provides a good foundation for strong output.
  • The double fork provides a strong twisting force to turn the valve easily.
  • The limit device can provide an angle adjustment of ±3°.
  • It can provide a torque output of up to 250,000Nm.
  • It has a variety of sealing methods to ensure that the internal parts are not corroded and prolong the service life.