mining hydraulic cylinders

Mining Hydraulic Cylinders

JW manufactures mining hydraulic cylinders as per customers’ drawings.

Please email us with a drawing or specifications for a quote or design idea.

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Mining Hydraulic Cylinders Manufacturer

JW HYDRAULIC is one of the leading manufacturers of custom mining hydraulic cylinders with years of experience. We help to design and offer customized solutions perfectly matching the requirements. Production is mostly carried out by CNC equipment. Complete recording system for all materials, production, and inspection, enable us to quickly track and solve any issues.

Hydraulic cylinders such as AGC, AWC, counterbalance cylinders, expanding-collapsing cylinders and balanced blocks, used in steel smelting, hot rolling, cold rolling, rail beam, pickling, electroplating, cooling bed and other production lines.

Hydraulic cylinders used in non-ferrous metal smelting, cast rolling, cold rolling and cold drawing machine production lines.

Various hydraulic cylinders for casting production lines. The heavy-duty, fast and unique mechanism design ensures the functional requirements of customers and the reliability of use of the end users, which is at the leading level at home and abroad.

Mill loading hydraulic cylinders that serve metal slag, pulverized coal and other mills have endured the harsh working conditions of high frequency, fatigue, impact, heavy dust and continuous work, reaching the international level of similar products.

  • Mining machinery hydraulic cylinder.
  • Lifting machinery hydraulic cylinder.
  • Crushing and grinding equipment hydraulic cylinder.
  • Screening equipment hydraulic cylinder.
  • Washing equipment hydraulic cylinder, etc.

General information is as follows:

  • Material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel.
  • Bore diameter: 40mm to 1200mm.
  • Rod diameter: 12mm to 500mm.
  • Stroke: max 15500mm.
  • Weight: max 60 tons.
  • Working pressure: max 700 bar.
  • Plating types: chrome plating, nickel plating, ceramic plating.
  • Bearing: LONGXI, SKF, etc.
  • Detailed manufacturing drawing to be submitted for client’s approval before production proceeded.

Production Equipment

Main Equipment:

  • FT series 530 x 12000 skiving and burnishing machine (made in Italy).
  • HSRB 300 x 6000 skiving and roller burnishing machine (made in Korea)
  • 36 sets machine center (Doosan, Neway, etc.)
  • CNC boring and milling machine (made in Germany).
  • CNC heavy-duty horizontal boring machine.
  • Welding equipment, welding robot.
  • Baking finish house.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
  • Cylinder working pressure test equipment, etc.