Hydraulic and Pneumatic Rotary Actuators

JW is the unique OEM factory of FLOWSERVE in China.

Module of rotary actuators

Hydraulic or double-acting hydraulic manual module

Spring module of rotary actuators

Spring module

Spring module with manual device

Spring module with hydraulic manual device

Multifunction Module

Modular design makes it simple to install and maintain the actuators.

Drive module of rotary actuators
end cover of pneumatic actuators

End Cover

cylinder module of actuators

Cylinder module

pneumatic module with hand equipment

Pneumatic module with hand equipment

advantages of our rotary actuators

flowserve approved

JW is the unique OEM factory for FLOWSERVE in China, the manufacturing processes and quality have been approved by FLOWSERVE.

brand accessories

  • NOK seals.
  • All springs are made by Shanghai Spring company, the top brand manufacturer of spring in China.

Powerful function

Maximum torque is 250,000Nm.

Reliable Operation

100,000 times.

modular design

Replace accessories easily

lightweight design

10% – 20% lighter than other similar products.


Quality test by three-coordinate measuring method to make sure the high precision.

quality guarantee

Warranty is 5 years (seals for 2 years).

well-made technology

  • Nickel plating on the inner surface of the cylinder tubes to prolong the service lift.
  • All cylinder modules are produced by the machining center, the same production line as FLOWSERVE OEM.
  • Jotun marine paint is adopted that is with excellent corrosion resistance property at grade C4-L, and level-0 paint adhesion.


  • Customizable.
  • 7 x 24 hours service.
  • Completed spare parts.
  • Any spare parts can be delivered for replacement within 48 hours upon request.

characteristics of our rotary actuators


Our actuators are composed by centre body, cylinder, spring modules, manual hydraulic and manual gear equipment, and some other individual modules. The modules are removable, serviceable, and interchangeable while being mounted to the valve.


To ensure the safety of personnel during installation and maintenance, the spring module has been designed to be removed only from the power module with the spring in the fully extended postion. That can prevent personnel from being injured and actuator from accidental damage.


Torque output.

  • Double-acting: 3,396Nm – 250,000Nm.
  • Single-acting: 3,260Nm – 110,032Nm.

Operating temperature.

  • Standard temperature: -20° to 80°.
  • High temperature: -60° to 80°.
  • Low temperature: -200° to -20°.

Stroke: Bi-directional limitation design is adopted, stroke can be adjusted from 80 to 100.


  • Waterproof protection. O-rings are fitted between the centre body and each module to protect the drive unit from water ingressing.
  • Corrosion resistance. Our actuators incorporate over three stages of internal and external coatings to resist severe weather, chemical and petroleum environments. The inner surface of the cylinder is coated with PTFE, enhance corrosion resistance and self-lubricating.


Our actuator’s interface meets ISO standards and meets the dimensional requirements of ISO defined for each torque range, which is convenient for installation.


Our actuators are mainly applied in large torque with 90-degree rotary valves. Maximum torque reaches 250,000Nm.