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Hydraulic Cylinder Instruction Manual

Thank you for choosing the series of hydraulic cylinders produced by JW HYDRAULIC LIMITED. At the same time, please read the use and maintenance instructions of the hydraulic cylinder carefully, so that the cylinder can exert your ideal working performance and achieve the purpose of safe production.

  • According to the requirementsof users, the maximum working pressure of hydraulic cylinders designed and manufactured by JW HYDRAULIC LIMITEDcan reach 700 bar. The operator is not only required to have certain work experience, but also need to carefully master the safety operation procedures in the operation of the hydraulic cylinder to ensure the safety of the use process.
  • When selecting the hydraulic cylinder borediameter, pistonrod diameter, stroke and working pressure, the user must first consider the pressure of the pressure source and the pressure loss of the hydraulic system, because the control and adjustment of the pressure is determined by the pressure regulating valve of the hydraulic system.
  • In order to ensure the service life of the hydraulic cylinder and achieve the rated ideal pressure level, the high-pressure hydraulic cylinder must use HM anti-wear hydraulic oil as the working mediumwhichshould not be mixed with impurities and dirt, so as not to scratch the inner surface of the cylinder and damage the seals and cause the internal leakage of the hydraulic cylinder.
  • In the first application of the hydraulic cylinder, low pressure (greater than the starting pressure) for multiple round-trip operationsis necessary. The normal work can only be carried out after the air in the cylinder barrelis exhausted. Combined gaskets must be used between oil inlet and outlet and joint to prevent oil leakage.
marine hydraulic cylinder
  • When installing the hydraulic cylinder, ensure that the direction of the connecting head at the top of the piston rod is the same as the direction of the cylinder head and the earring or middle trunnion to ensure the straightness of the piston rod during the rated stroke. Especially for the hydraulic cylinder of the filter, due to the accumulation of sludge in the filter plate, the excessive load and the deformation of the frame will lead to the inclined move of the piston rod, causing rigid interference and the phenomenon of pulling the cylinder occurs.
  • Application and replacement of hydraulic cylinder seals. The hydraulic cylinders produced by JW HYDRAULIC mainly use HALLITE seals unless customers have special requirements for seal kits. The user is recommended to replace the seals in time according to the actual working conditions of the hydraulic cylinder, and check the performance of the hydraulic oil, so as to avoid unnecessary losses and affect production.

JW's Hydraulic Equipment Quality Commitment

JW JUDRAULIC LIMITED guarantees that the internal and external quality and performance of the products fully meet the requirements of relevant international standards and contract documents, drawings and technical agreements. Always adhere to quality first, establish a complete quality inspection process, take quality as the root, take honesty as the foundation, with advanced technology and thoughtful service, faithfully accompany you and your enterprise to success.

The hydraulic products we sell ( hydraulic cylinder, machined components, rotary actuator, hydraulic power unit, etc) are generally maintained and repaired free of charge with 2 years. The warranty period for special hydraulic products is 5-10 years under negotiation between the customer and JW HYDRAULIC LIMITED. All customers enjoy free lifetime consulting services, and JW promises to provide various technical troubleshooting.

Hydraulic Cylinder Maintenance

  • Check whether the hydraulic oil used in the hydraulic system meets the requirements and whether the oil is clean, otherwise it must be filtered or replaced.
  • Calculate the service time of the hydrauliccylinder, if it exceeds 6000 working hours, it is recommended to replace the seals.
  • Forhydraulic cylindersapplied to filters, it is recommended to clean up the sludge accumulated on the filter plate, and check whether the piston rod is inclined when it moves back and forth. If so, please make adjustments to avoid adverse consequences.
  • In order to ensure the normal operation,service life and safety of the highpressure hydraulic cylinder, it is recommended to design exhaust device and overload pressure relief device when designing the hydraulic system to ensure the safety of the high-pressure cylinder.
  • Before disassembling the hydraulic cylinder, the system should be unloaded, the circuit pressure should be zero, the oil source should be cut off, and the oil port should be blocked after loosening the oil port piping to ensure safety.
  • When the hydraulic cylinder leaks and other faults need to be disassembled and repaired, the piston rod should be moved to the bottom of the cylinder first, and it is strictly forbidden to hit with hard objects during disassembly, so as to avoid the sudden drop of the piston rod and cause damage.
  • Inactive or idle hydraulic cylinders for a long time should be turned on and operated regularly, so that all hydraulic cylinder componentscan be completelylubricated, so as to avoid rust on the working surface and affect the normal application in the future.
  • The hydraulic cylinder you chooseis elaborately manufactured byJW HYDRAULIC and delivered after 100% inspection. Please operate and maintain it according to the provisions of this instruction. The working environment of the hydraulic cylinder is ever-changing, and we are striving to do better on design and manufacturing. JW HYDRAULIC is responsible for free replacement or repair within 12 months from the date you received the product if it can be confirmed that the parts are damaged due to our manufacturing problems and cannot be used normally.