The Application Of Metallurgical Hydraulic Cylinder

The metallurgical hydraulic cylinder we manufacture is widely used in the fields of steel smelting, hot rolling, cold rolling, rail beam, pickling, electroplating, cooling bed, and other production lines. Multiple cylinder types are available such as AGC hydraulic cylinders, AWC hydraulic cylinders, counterbalance hydraulic cylinders, expanding-collapsing hydraulic cylinders, balanced blocks, etc.

  • AGC hydraulic cylinder
  • Bore: φ800mm – φ1400mm.
  • Frequency range: 12HZ max.
  • Working pressure: max 31.5 MPa.
  • Hydraulic cylinder for balance:
  • Bore: φ650mm max.
  • Working pressure: 35 MPa max.

Another type of metallurgical hydraulic cylinder is applied in the smelting of non-ferrous metal industry, casting and rolling mills, cold rolling mills, stretching machines and other production lines. Typical applications such as 0.06mm aluminum foil rolling mill AGC hydraulic cylinder, 4000T aluminum plate stretching machine balance cylinder, etc.

Various hydraulic cylinders for casting production lines. The heavy-duty, fast and unique mechanism design ensures the functional requirements of customers and the reliability of use of the end users, which is at the leading level at home and abroad. Typical application is multiple-contact hydraulic cylinder.

Mill loading hydraulic cylinders that serve metal slag, pulverized coal and other mills have endured the harsh working conditions of high frequency, fatigue, impact, heavy dust and continuous work, reaching the international level of similar products. Typical application is load hydraulic cylinder.

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