The Application Of Mining Hydraulic Cylinder

JW HYDRAULIC is a leading manufacturer of mining hydraulic cylinder. All hydraulic cylinders adopt imported high-performance seals, which have excellent performance even if in high temperature, high pressure, high speed, high frequency, high humidity, and large dust conditions, and occupy a leading position in similar products.

The mining hydraulic cylinder supplied by JW HYDRAULIC are mainly used in the following mining equipment:

  1. Mining equipment. In the mineral mining system, machinery and equipment directly involved in the tunneling and mining of mines, such as perforators, shaft drilling rigs, raise drilling rigs, roadheaders, mining excavators, well sinking machinery, charging machinery, mine loading machinery, etc.
  2. Hoisting equipment, that is, the mechanical equipment for lifting materials in the mining industry, such as mine hoists, sinking winches, dispatching winches, return column winches, raking winches, pneumatic winches, damper winches, etc.
  3. Crushing and grinding equipment, that is, equipment for crushing and grinding ore, such as crushing machinery, grinding machinery, etc.
  4. Screening equipment, that is, mechanical equipment that can distinguish different particle sizes when materials pass through the screen surface, such as vibrating screens and other screening machines.
  5. Washing equipment, that is, the mechanical equipment directly involved in the various technological processes of mineral enrichment, such as classification machinery, gravity separation machinery, flotation machinery, magnetic separation machinery, dewatering machinery, special mineral processing machinery, and other mineral processing machinery.
  6. Other special equipment for mines refers to the special equipment and auxiliary machinery used for underground or open-pit mining.

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