Design Parameters of Hydraulic Cylinder

Main Parameters When Design Hydraulic Cylinder

When design hydraulic cylinder, there are many factors we need to consider, they are mainly as follow:

  1. Cylinder outer diameter, bore diameter.
  2. Size of inlet and outlet, as well as thread parameters.
  3. Piston rod diameter.
  4. Testing pressure and working pressure of the cylinder.
  5. Stroke.
  6. Whether there is cushioning. It depends onthe working conditions, the extension and contraction of the piston rod should generally be cushioned if the impact is large.
  7. The installation method of the hydraulic cylinder, etc.
design hydraulic cylinder

The structural performance parameters of hydraulic cylinders

  1. The diameter of the hydraulic cylinder.
  2. The diameter of the piston rod.
  3. Speed and speed ratio.
  4. Working pressure, etc.

There are many types of hydraulic cylinders. To measure the performance of an hydraulic cylinder is mainly the various test indicators done before leaving the factory. The working performance of the hydraulic cylinder is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

  1. Minimum starting pressure: refers to the minimum working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder under no load. It is a comprehensive index reflecting the manufacturing and assembly accuracy of hydraulic cylinder parts and the size of the sealing friction;
  2. Minimum stable speed: refers to the minimum speed at which the hydraulic cylinder does not crawl when it is moving at full load. It does not have a unified index. Hydraulic cylinders undertaking different tasks have different requirements for the minimum stable speed.
  3. Internal leakage: The internal leakage of the hydraulic cylinder will reduce the volumetric efficiency, increase the temperature rise of the oil, and affect the positioning accuracy of the hydraulic cylinder, so that the hydraulic cylinder cannot be accurately and stably stopped at a certain position of the cylinder, so it is hydraulic One of the main indicators of the cylinder.

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