What is a Hydraulic Cylinder

A hydraulic cylinder is an executive element in the hydraulic transmission system. It is an energy conversion device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. The hydraulic motor realizes the continuous rotary movement, while the hydraulic cylinder realizes the reciprocating movement. 

It has a simple structure and reliable work. When it is to achieve reciprocating motion, the deceleration device can be eliminated, and there is no transmission gap, and the motion is stable. Therefore, it is widely used in various mechanical hydraulic systems.

The output force of the hydraulic cylinders is proportional to the effective area of the piston and the pressure difference between its two sides. The hydraulic cylinder is basically composed of a cylinder barrel and a cylinder head, a piston and a piston rod, a sealing device, a buffer device and an exhaust device. The buffer device, and the exhaust device depend on the specific application, and other devices are indispensable.

welded hydraulic cylinders

There are three types of hydraulic cylinders: piston cylinder, plunger cylinder, and swing cylinder. Piston cylinder and plunger cylinder realize reciprocating linear motion, output speed, and thrust. The swing cylinder realizes reciprocating swing, output angular velocity (rotation speed), and torque. In addition to single-use, hydraulic cylinders can also be used in combination of two or more or in combination with other mechanisms to achieve special functions.

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